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Poppy Forrest Kraft was created whilst I was on maternity leave with my first daughter Daisy. 


Having Daisy made me determined to find a job that I would enjoy and allowed me to spend more time with my family (as well as pay the bills!). With a background in event management, marketing and design, plus a passion for all things pretty and crafty - I thought what better than to set up

my own events craft business. 


That was 2016! By 2019, my second daughter Lily had been born and the business had grown to a point where I really needed a second pair of hands. At this point, my mum officially came on board to assist with admin and production (and unofficially to help run after the girls).


Then 2020 came along (boo!) and my husband who had been working as a builder for 10 years was forced to put down the tools and stay put at home. Lockdown gave us plenty of time to reflect and with Poppy Forrest Kraft fortunately still doing well, we decided to take a gamble...

Matt quit his job and joined the PFK team full time!

By 2021, PFK was stronger than ever but I knew there was still room for us to up our game and really start to market our products. Luckily my little sister is a marketing whizz, and after a few months of persuasion I got her onboard as well!

So when we say family run business, we mean it! All of our products are designed and made at home by either myself (Poppy), Matt, Georgina or Freya.

Our aim is to make special gifts for life's special moments with a focus on

affordability and sustainability :) x


How are we eco-friendly?

Plastic Free

All of our products and packaging are 100% plastic free and recyclable.


Plus, our twine is  biodegradable, 

sustainably sourced and manufactured here in the UK. Supporting UK industry and the planet.

Lighter card

We use 225-300gsm card. This means that without affecting quality, we use less paper with every order than many of our competitors and our parcels are lighter, meaning less energy is used to transport them.

This benefits both our customers and the environment.

Seeded Card

We sell greeting cards made from seeded card which encourages customers to plant their cards after use. 

The pulp used to make these cards is also made from recycled waste paper meaning we are

recycling waste paper

at the same time!

Ecologi Partner

Ecologi plant trees on our behalf. This helps us to offset our CO2 emissions and tackle the climate crisis by investing in targeted projects around the world and here

in the UK.

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