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Seed Paper Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations printed on seed paper are a unique way to invite your loved ones to your special day. The paper has seeds embedded in it and if planted can grow into wildflowers! Perfect for sustainable, eco-friendly weddings or if you are just looking for something a little different!


Did you know:

Envelopes are included

- Unlimited drafts included with all orders

- Can be used for day and evening 

- Matching stationery available

At Poppy Forrest, our aim is to make products that are beautiful, affordable but also sustainable. How do we do this?

Plastic Free

All of our products and packaging are 100% plastic free and recyclable. Plus, our twine is biodegradable, sustainably sourced and UK manufactured.

Lighter card
We use 225-300gsm card. This means that without affecting quality, we use less paper with every order than many of our competitors and our parcels are lighter, meaning less energy is used to transport them.


Seeded Card
We print on seeded paper which encourages customers to plant their products after use. The pulp used to make this paper is also made from recycled waste paper meaning we are recycling waste paper at the same time!

Ecologi Partner
Ecologi plant trees on our behalf. This helps us to offset our CO2 emissions and tackle the climate crisis by investing in targeted projects around the world and here in the UK.

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